Remember that deleting an app also clears all your data unless the app stores it in the cloud, so be careful to back up anything you want. Press and hold any empty space available on your home screen. Additionally, you can also hide individual apps from your Home screen if hiding the entire screen is not up your alley. Tap on the search bar and type in the app name. Here's how to use the App Library to better organize your iPhone. This will come handy if you can’t seem to find the app in the sea of apps on your screen. Tap and hold your home screen until you see the apps wiggle; Tap on the app you wish to delete; Tap Remove App; Tap Move to App Library You may have noticed Apple has a new look for the iPhone home screen coming this fall. How to delete apps from App Library in iOS 14. From helping you organize your Home Screen better, to letting you take care of unwanted apps, it’s got your back. The App Library is a feature new with iOS 14 that automatically groups your apps by categories such as Suggestions, Recently Added, and themes like Games, Lifestyle, and Productivity. App Library is one of the newest additions to your iPhone, thanks to the iOS 14 update announced at the WWDC 2020. This will prompt your apps to jiggle. Tap on the ‘Delete’ icon (‘x’) on the upper left corner of the app to delete it – just like from the Home screen. Apps that are moved to the App Library are also available in search and can be launched via a Siri query. If you're tired of scrolling through page after page of apps in your iPhone, iOS 14 has a new trick for you — hiding apps. Delete an app from the App Library Go to the App Library and tap the search field to open the list. And you can use them from the App Library similarly as you would from the Home screen. 2) Select Remove App. If you decide that you like the App Library and you want all your apps to download into it automatically, that's easy enough to do, too. A confirmation message will appear on the screen. These partnerships do not influence our editorial content. Yes, there isn’t no App Library feature in the latest iPadOS 14. With iOS 14, you can take advantage of the new App Library, which frees you up to remove any apps you want from the home screen. Here’s how to move to your iPhone’s App Library. Although it didn’t quite dawn on me when Apple announced the App Library, it is a radical rethink of how app storage works in iOS. The App Library is a feature coming in iOS 14 that acts as a central repository of all your apps. Keeping apps in the App Library is especially useful if you've got apps that you need regular access to, but don't need to access daily. Long press a blank part of your Home screen until the apps start to wiggle. The App Library is the new feature of iOS 14 to organize all your iPhone’s apps in one place. Move an app out of the App Library. 3) Pick Move to App Library. The iOS 14 update is set to change the game when it … If you decide that you would like the app on your iPhone again, you can download them from the App Store — this includes apps that Apple has preloaded on your phone. iOS 14 overhauled the Home screen, adding support for widgets, an App Library, and app pages. Few options will pop-up on your screen. Swipe to the app page with the app icon you want to remove. Simply follow the steps below: Head over to “Settings” from the home screen of your iPhone. But what happens to these apps once they disappear from your Home screen? Apple has taken the App Library a step further by introducing the automatic categorization of apps. Default apps, App Clips and the App Library are just a few of the great additions. When you want to use the app, swipe to your App Library and select it or search for it. The introduction of iOS 14 added many new and exciting features to Apple’s operating system. But if you’re an eager bird and want to get your hands on it right now, you can try it. iPadOS 14 has also been released alongside iOS 14 but it is an extremely watered down, unimpressive version of iOS 14. Long-pressing any app icon will let you move it to only the App Library by tapping Remove App then Move to App Library. Note: When you remove a built-in app from your Home Screen, you also remove any related user data and configuration files.Removing built-in apps from your Home Screen can affect other system functionality. App Library, the new widgets, the Translate app and improved Messages and Maps are all part of iOS 14. If you want an app to exist in the App Library but do not want an icon on your home screen, that’s easy to do. After a second, a context menu will appear. Tap Delete again to confirm. iOS 14 is here and with it the App Library on iPhone. Apple in iOS 14 redesigned the Home Screen for the first time in a long time, introducing an App Library that lets you hide apps, widgets that can be placed among apps… Widgets can come in three sizes (just like Windows Phone), can be placed in such a way that the other icons and folders are tiled into a clean grid, and are designed very elegantly … Now, there should be a small button with three circles near the bottom of your screen. Long-press on the app’s icon. Select “Delete App” and then tap Delete to confirm. App Library in particular is likely to be one of the most popular inclusions allowing users an … You can also hide entire Home screens in iOS 14. Tap the ‘Remove app’ option to delete the app. Delete apps from the App Library. Touch and hold the app icon, then tap Delete App. It isn’t there. When you do that, you can still find them in the App Library. Tap “Remove App.” Tap “Move to App Library.” To move an app to the App Library, first select “Remove App.” You’ll then be give the choice to move the app to the App Library. You’ll see that the App Library will completely change the way you use and organize the apps on your iPhone. 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App Library on iPadOS. Most features from iOS 14 did not make it to iPadOS 14 and the App Library is one of them. You can also search and delete apps from App Library on iPhone. Whether it’s to clean up the storage space or just to remove something you don’t use anymore, App Library can still help out. Now long tap on the app icon that you want to delete.