A real shame, but I will just have to suffer until I scratch these or lose them and can try again to find glasses that truly have superior glare protection. This leads to the Oakley Radar Ev triathlon sunglasses providing some of the truest accuracy with far less distortion than you normally see from even well-manufactured thermoplastic lenses. I prefer the SR-1X for cycling and the Halsey line for running, for what it’s worth. For instance, though both nylon and polycarbonate can achieve a fairly impressive level of optical quality, SR-91 can achieve a far better level of true representation with optical clarity and accuracy near Zeiss lens levels of quality. You have the option to buy the contrast-defining HiPER lens and the photochromic lens. It would make a great companion if you decide to trail run after a ride. Essentially, Oakley has found a way to provide nearly the same level of optical clarity and magnification through their thermoplastic lenses that you would expect to see from glass lenses without the risks otherwise involved with glass. If sunglasses are fake, you can’t expect anything about them to be true, including their supposedly protective qualities. All the positive reviews are accurate. But how do you know which pair is the best for you? But, what makes this one different from the Speedcraft models? There is no getting around the fact that the Roka TL-1’s will not be the ideal solution for all people, especially those who need more coverage than most. Well worth the money Instead of looking for the absolute best triathlon sunglasses, you are better served finding a pair that provides the most important benefits without significant downsides. Some posts may contain affiliate links. It is important to remember that ultimately the fit is more important than the frames, but the frames will inherently influence the fit. The 100% S3 combines the standout features from the S2 and the iconic Speedcraft. That said, it is worth noting that Roka is actually one of the younger companies on our list with only about half a decade of experience. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. The upper parts of the frame do the trick, too. For more prestigious companies, they will often ensure that the majority of the materials are proprietary, but without specialization, Smith Optics opts instead to primarily stick with the standards. Sunglasses that stay put on your noggin don’t need to look like you’re gearing up to protect the galaxy from space alien attack. On top of that, there are some other types of “protections” which are truly more designed for convenience as they actually protect the lenses and not so much the wearer. When looking for a budget-friendly option, it is important to identify the most important qualities of a given product and ensure that there are no major flaws. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. A pair of sunglasses is definitely an important element of smart dressing. Of course, this only makes sense considering Oakley’s history stretches back over 5 ½ decades and has always centered around providing the best sporting sunglasses experience possible. Review: Roka GP-1 Sunglasses Roka expanded from the running and triathlon game into the cycling market quietly but hit the gas hard in 2018 with some impressive sunglasses. Still, this does present you with a unique opportunity as this means that the Tifosi Jet triathlon sunglasses represent a unique value whereby you can get a pair of triathlon sunglasses with industry standard specs at a fraction of the cost easily making it our best price budget triathlon sunglasses. The HiPER lens is 100% proprietary high-definition lens that ramps up contrast, colors and enhances details so you won’t run into a hole in the road. I have always struggled with sunglasses on the run and for other sports. Great glasses for driving and summer activities, stay on your face without slipping or falling off when bending or looking down. With these glasses, you get an understated brow and the definitive vents that would be great for touring, multi-sport, and even the casual social ride. We’ve all felt the effects of too much screen time. MVMT Sunglasses Review. UV — This is by far the most important type of protection to look for and is literally the reason that sunglasses exist in the first place. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Triathletes who have bought the lenses like it because it is extremely lightweight and is ideal for racing triathlons, bikes, biathlon, and even cross-country skiing (during the off-season). The green lens transmits 14% of light, the purple lens transmits 20% of light, and the blue lens transmits 12% of light. They reduce glare, ease eye fatigue, and protect your vision from UV radiation. In fact, the only material used which does not exceed the basic standards for sporting sunglasses, in general, are the lenses which are still made of shatterproof polycarbonate, though they have a tendency to fog up easier than most. Reviewed in the United States on March 7, 2020. Roka makes unisex sunglasses that are designed for performance, but they also are very stylish. They actually stay put on cyclists’ faces and rarely do they need to push the glasses up. When it comes to sporting sunglasses companies, there are few that can match the quality or the reputation of Oakley which has long since been known as one of the premier manufacturers of sporting sunglasses. Everything and more. With respect to the Halsey style specifically, I like bigger frames so these were perfect. And they’re expensive, but not outside the norm for high end specs you’re likely to find in the peloton. Love them. The main reason is that most kid’s sunglasses are so trendy with robust aluminum frames. ROKA Halsey Performance Polarized Sunglasses Designed for Sport for... ROKA Halsey Performance Polarized Sunglasses Designed for Sport for Men and Women - Matte Black Frame - Dark Carbon (Polarized) Lens. If you like the picture, you'll like the product. In bright sunlight, the lens particles darken the optics and ensure additional glare protection. ROKA makes patented and award-winning performance sunglasses, prescription eyewear and technical apparel. Material quality is great, the glasses themselves are sexy and I love the rubber material on the nose and ear pieces to keep them locked onto my head. For instance, while the Grilamid TR-90 nylon material may seem like an industry standard for the frames, that is only true amongst the higher-end sporting manufacturers. Moreover, nylon is inherently far more resistant to scratching than polycarbonate without sacrificing its lightweight build or ability to be infused with a number of other protections. I’d recommend this pair of glasses to those who want a versatile pair that they can wear for multisport activities without worrying about the glasses falling off. The same relationship applies to both the scratch resistance and the torsion resistance of SR-91 making it by far the strongest material that you can reasonably expect to find. When it comes to the materials of a great value, you want to ideally make sure that all of the materials are at least the high-end industry standard with maybe one or two made of a proprietary blend that improves on the standard in some way. At an Ironman expo we stopped by the ROKA booth and tried on some sunglasses. On top of that, the lenses feature numerous types of protections as do the frames for durability and ease while you are racing.Of course, not everyone is as comfortable spending over $100 on a pair of sunglasses that could very well break which why we also recommend the Smith Pivlock Arena Max triathlon sunglasses. On top of that, the SR-91 lenses are easily the most durable type of lenses that we saw able to provide an impact resistance that is orders of magnitude stronger than any of the other materials. Reviewed in the United States on April 13, 2019, These glasses not only look great but are very comfortable. Thankfully, the Roka TL-1 triathlon sunglasses do not believe that you should have to choose between one or the other and offers arguably the best all-around lenses that we saw on any pair of triathlon sunglasses, whether we ultimately reviewed them or not. It keeps you comfortable and protected on the road. On the road, the sunglasses don’t slip or fall off and they rarely get scratched even if you fall off your bike. Since graduating college, Ryan has coached over sixty triathletes, runners, cyclists, and swimmers. Cyclists who have bought the sunglasses like it for the HiPER lens because it helps them see the details on the road very well and still protects their eyes from the harmful rays from the sun. The C3 lenses and lens coatings have simple lens interchangeability. Along the lines of old school RayBan Wayfarer. Of course, these lenses also provide 100-percent UV protection, so you do not have to worry about bright sunlight damaging your eyes. Still, the company was founded by sporting sunglasses enthusiasts who also happened to be amateur competitive cyclists. I’d recommend these glasses to those who want basic functions and still work well for cycling and running. The wrap around is enough to block light in from the side and there's no reflection off the inner lenses when the sun is behind you. It’s a really neat technology. Why spend $100+ on sunglasses when I can get one for $5 at a gas station. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Reviewed in the United States on November 5, 2019. Still, if you are looking for a better performance than polycarbonate without wanting to spend as much money on the high-end materials, nylon is a solid choice. The main difference between the two glasses is lens offerings. I recommend these glasses if you train and race in only a few types of weather conditions. Hand it to Roka for knowing how to make sunglasses aimed at go-fast jocks that are truly stylish and—better yet—fun. When it comes to the Rudy Project Tralyx triathlon sunglasses, comfort is the name of the game and these sunglasses offer numerous advancements towards that goal. This is not to suggest that the Oakley Radar Ev triathlon sunglasses are poor at protecting your eyes, especially considering they do come with 100-percent UV protection, but they do not come with some of the other protections that one would associate with the lenses like anti-scratch, anti-grease, or anti-dust. Polarization. Aside from a modest improvement to breathability, this also helps prevent the accumulation of sweat or fogging of the lenses. Or, if you need to change out your lenses mid-ride if you’re out all day on the bike. Top 10 Best Roka Sunglasses Review 2020. The grips to the nasal bridge and ears do not dig in but definitely keep them in place for runs. Just follow our guide and you will manage to form a pretty good idea about what you should choose. This type of lens is best used for bright and medium light conditions. To that end, the frames of the Roka TL-1 triathlon sunglasses are superb sporting the popular Grilamid TR-90 nylon material which makes this the only pair of triathlon sunglasses that we reviewed which features exclusively nylon for the primary components of the triathlon sunglasses. Tifosi Davos – Best Price Budget Triathlon Sunglasses, Best Triathlon Sunglasses – Buyer’s Guide, Best Cycling Glasses: eyewear that blends fashion with functional, Great protection and ventilation, fit very well with the helmet, Lens material - top UV Protection filtering 100% of all UVA, Durability and all-day comfort of lightweight O Matter™frame material, Built for speed and engineered to be the ultimate multi-sport sunglass for training, running and beyond, Lightest performance frame and features a toric shield of Plutonite, Aerodynamic sunglasses for road cycling and triathlon, Durable, flexible and lightweight TR90 frame, Versatility, security, and ultralight performance, Lenses provide high contrast in changing light and overcast conditions, The lens is easily removable and interchangeable, Interchange model with three shield lenses, The Bike/Run Lens Kit is optimized for endurance sports. The lenses have the hydrophobic and oleophobic that repels the water, oil, and dirt from the lenses while you’re riding. Beyond the comfort that these triathlon sunglasses bring to the table, they are also exceptionally convenient able to transition effortlessly in a number of different situations. That said, these rays are most prominent during dawn and dusk, so you only have to worry about it then. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. We have put together a list of the 10 best triathlon sunglasses, highlighting what each one does best. That said, this pair of triathlon sunglasses provides so many features which are almost specifically useful for triathlons and triathletes that it should be an option worth considering even if you are unsure about the coverage. Then we provide a helpful buyer’s guide, so you can find the triathlon glasses to suit your needs. The Dark Artic Mirror lens transmits 9% of light and is an all-around neutral-colors. The Roka Torino sunglasses package comes with a sunglasses case, lens cleaner bag, as well as a sturdy storage case and sleeve. When it comes to the lenses used for triathlon sunglasses, the Oakley Radar Ev triathlon sunglasses do not provide what most would consider the best of protections. The same sentiment applies to the earpads of the Rudy Project Tralyx triathlon sunglasses as well which are made using Rudy Project’s Adaptive tips which feature both vents as well as a rubberized exterior. For one, while they may not provide the absolute best optical quality, they are not too terribly far behind with Carl Zeiss lenses. Hi Romano, it looks like you placed your order on July 18 and we sent you an order confirmation email at 3:56PM on that date. Finally, there are other protections that are often advertised as meaningful, and they may be in other contexts, but are not truly useful for most triathletes. Straight up prescription sunglasses were expensive and as I often run in changing light required a non tinted pair to come along. On top of the optical quality, the lenses are also hydroleophobic which means that not only do these lenses repel water but they also repel oil, meaning no more fingerprint smudges, as well as dust. This is best suited for bright hand sunny conditions and can be used on the trails. The frames have curved temples to keep the glasses attached to your head for your entire ride and possibly run. Now, fake sunglasses aren’t necessarily junk, and even if they are junk, they may still provide adequate protection. The color base for this lens is either green, purple, or blue. That said, the brand is now one of the many owned by the Luxottica conglomerate and serves to form that company’s premiere sporting lineup. That said, Roka does not seem interested in simply meeting the industry standards and sitting pat as it also provides a titanium core to help reinforce the durability of the frame without unduly impacting its flexibility or its weight. Roka SL Series – Most Versatile Triathlon Sunglasses, 5. I have a pair of their SR-1X and a pair of Halsey sunglasses from Roka and I love both of them. Plus I loose them ALL the time. For those of you that have been living under a rock for the past 40 years, polarized lenses do a great job of cutting glare. Roka TL-1 – Best Performing Triathlon Sunglasses, 7. I had never even heard of Roka when I ran across an ad on FB but they were worth every penny. The main reason I got these new sunglasses was to help cut sunglare while driving. The HC ION Mirror lens transmits 40% of light and provides high contrast in changing light and overcast conditions. As we can see, there is simply not going to be a pair of triathlon sunglasses that can satisfy everyone’s needs ultimately. Polycarbonate — This is easily the most common material used for the lenses of a pair of triathlon sunglasses for a fairly good reason. Whether it is about the maximal amount of protection you can get without sacrificing too much in terms of optical quality or getting the truest, most accurate optical clarity available, even if you have to put up with some inconveniences along the way. For instance, all sunglasses which advertise protection of UV rays inherently include UVA rays. Beyond the patented manufacturing process that the Oakley Radar Ev triathlon sunglasses uses to provide the best optical quality that we saw, Oakley also makes it a point to offer proprietary solutions to age-old problems as befits a company of their stature and experience. These are best used if you normally ride in the same conditions and don’t need to change your lenses. Based on the reviews I decided to give it a shot and I'm glad I did. The Clarion Blue is a mirrored lens so it really blocks out the sun and only transmits 14.7% of light. Cyclists who have bought these glasses like them because they fit very well and block wind while going down a gill. The Davos have a large coverage zone and people like them because other glasses don’t cover enough. TriGearlab.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon properties (.com, .co.uk, .ca etc) but not limited to, amazon.com, endless.com, myhabit.com, smallparts.com, or amazonwireless.com and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for ROKA Halsey Performance Polarized Sunglasses Designed for Sport for Men and Women - Matte Black Frame - Dark Carbon (Polarized) Lens at Amazon.com. It enhances clarity and green colors. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. If you have a smaller face, this Oakley model would be a good option to check out. And in darker lights, it ensures that you can see all the bumps and holes in the road. Aside from the fact that Carl Zeiss is widely known as a manufacturer of the best lenses, regardless the type of glasses, it is even more impressive that they were able to do so for lenses made of nylon. This pair of glasses has the same lens color offerings: AC Red, Clarion Blue, or Clear colored lenses. At TriGearLab we focus on giving you detailed and specific information about the gear and triathlons that are going to be the most important to you this year.