End of all previously set passing and speed restrictions. of the road. A layout of the detour route. Important Road Signs in Germany Hazard signs or Warning signs. Start of pedestrian zone. See more ideas about traffic signs, road signs, traffic. Information on this website is general information about rules and regulations of German language. I bought a phrase book but it is useless Germany Electrified railroad crossing. it indicates this action or vehicle is allowed. A lane is added on the left side with minimum speed limit. Taxi stand. Speed can be increased up to 100km/h. You should take note of any warning signs in Germany as they are designed to alert you of possible dangers ahead. The restriction is only applicable on the same side of the road on which the sign is posted. detour. No turns are permitted. danger signs, obligations, warnings. Taught German from A1 to B2 in just 60 days. In case of one-way-street, zipper rule applies. Please see this para for details. indicates the distance to detour. The speed limit is 50km/h. Bahnhof means train station. Vehicles carrying water-hazardous material should drive with care. Railroad crossing. Danger warning signs are either a diamond or an equilateral triangle shape, with a white or yellow background, and a red or black border. Water protection zone. mopeds are allowed to enter this street. destinations. Shared but separated path for pedestrians and cyclists. Please also see this article at seperate page. Dir ectional sign European highway Federal highway number lt-up area ront) Built-up area (reverse) evision Singl curve Double cu rve Road nar ows Road narrows No motor cy les Poi End of city limits N Direction of trav el for bicycles nt of interest Name place Streetcar/bus stop Occasionally used with supplemental signs Supplemental sign Danger of Please see this article for details. Their usage is only allowed in emergency. (Here, Mainz and Wiesbaden are names of cities). Collection of road signs in germany. There can be low air traffic above the road. Warning signs are placed 150m-250m before the approaching danger. There can be a narrow passage ahead. You will see danger warning signs as you approach a narrowing road, a train crossing without barrier, or an upcoming pedestrian zone. Detouring onto opposite lane. This sign is normally posted with a white color supplementary sign that Direction sign on Autobahn. Traffic-rules.com. Traffic signals in Germany are the same red-yellow-green type found in the US and elsewhere. Bollard; placed before pedestrian walking areas or bicycle paths. These numbers are not asked in any driving license exam. Unguarded water body along the road is appraoching. Indicates wild animals may cross the road. must be obeyed. Only a supplementary sign allows the entrance of vehicles or pedestrians. Indicates that public telephone available is available in the (i.e. Supplementary signs are not posted alone. The actual warning is always illustrated in black color. Expressway exit marker; posted at 300m, 200m and 100m before exit. Priority road signs indicate that the road is a … Be aware of children on the road. Cyclists must stay on left and pedestrians on right. Exit board on the roads other than Autobahn. It's purpose is same as sign 157-11. Indicates the direction of parent sign (here to the left). A short waiting stop up to 3 minutes is allowed. Vehicles leaving these areas A supplementary electronic or metallic sign with German word "Staugefahr" can be added to general danger sign. All vehicles must proceed straight ahead. A supplementary sign may explains the nature of danger. Regulatory signs. In Germany, warning signs are triangular with thick red border and white background. starts at the given distance. Right before left rule is generally also applicable in 20 zones. Pedestrian path. reflectors are in yellow color instead of the normal white color. Taxi stand. 20 Zone. Parking or stopping within 15 meters of this sign is prohibited. An example of the main detour sign with a supplementary sign. An arrow at the bottom of cross indicates end The convention backed rules for danger warning signs are simple and very uniform in design, with little variation. This sign also indicates the direction to parking area. These two signs indicate return of earlier split lane/lanes. Danger signs / Warning signs are placed 150m-250m before the approaching danger. Please also see this article. inside city limit: 50 km/h, outside city limits: 100 km/h, Autobahn: 130 km/h). Dead end; cyclists and pedestrians can pass through. However, I have divided the sign collection into several more distinct categories and placed each sign where it most logically belongs regardless of its official designation. Please add all the necessary road signs. Stright ahead is not allowed or closed. Only a short waiting stop up to 3 minutes is allowed. School bus stop. Sign 501-25 indicates two of three lanes must shift to right. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. Priority over oncoming traffic. to left. No passing for vehicles with a total weight of over 3.5 t. End of previously set maximum speed limit. Sign is placed in middle of a taxi stand. The restriction is only applicable on the same side where the sign is posted. Mandatory direction of travel, right or left. Turn signals are not required when entering a roundabout, but must be used when exiting. New detour direction signs on road other than Autobahn. Federal Highway or Expressway distance sign. parking disc or voucher as indicated by additional sign. Parking is also not allowed in this lane. Parking prohibition is only applicable on the side of the road on which these signs are posted. Oncoming traffic must wait. Lanes shift to left (There is no median; compare signs in 505 category). Indicates a hazard after the right turn ahead. Please see this Same sign as previous one (283-20) End of no parking or stopping area. Arrow at the top of cross indicates start of no parking area. This sign is placed on the left side of the road. Check our website for practice questions. otherwise, they must be folded while driving. Indicates exit to the mentioned city/cities. Road markings | 25km/h). Indicates the direction to places in a town or city. When a vehicle is parked, the start time is set on this disc, so that authorities Road narrows on both sides. End of Low-emission zone / Environmental Zone. Pedestrian may cross the road - installation on the right side of road. Indicates unguarded railroad crossing. Please see this article for more details. Sign indicating Autobahn exit 1000 meters ahead. Tourist attraction point name with town or city name. An additional sign indicates whether the stop is for buses or streetcars. Indicating next exit distance, city name and upcoming city on Deflector plate (Obstruction marker). road signs - Germany. lane. Detour supplementary sign. No parking or a more than 3 minutes longer stop is not permitted on both sides of this sign. The earliest signs were simple wooden or stone milestones. Road narrows from the left side. This sign may have supplementary signs. Same sign as 283-10, where top arrow indictes start of a no parking area. No entry for slow-moving vehicles. Vehicles over Level crossing beacon. They generally have some parent sign above them. Prioritize rail transport. This sign is placed on the left side of the road. Signboard used inside city for a place name, here name of a street is shown. ... allowed, Residents or resident's visitors parking only, Only residents with permit No. Now, adjust speed according to the area. I HAVING BEING DRIVING FOR 27 YEARS IN NIGERIA WITH LITTLE OR NO ROAD SIGNS. Please also check this para. End of no passing zone for vehicles under 3.5 t. End of all passing (overtaking) restrictions. Warning signs in Germany are often red or yellow to advise of potential danger. Mandatory road signs in Germany are used where you are required to carry out a specific task, they are not suggestions, information or advisory signs, they must be adhered to and as such are arguably the most important roads signs in Germany that you need to know.

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