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FACT:More than 50% of Net Gravity customers have attempted to launch or manage a pay-per-click campaign on their own. PPC marketing is an extremely powerful marketing tool. At best, it will substantially grow your business. At worst, it will burn through your time and money with little, if any, ROI. The problem is PPC marketing just isn’t that easy. The reality is it’s a very detailed and time consuming process. Unfortunately most businesses tend to just launch it and leave it. Letting PPC marketing run on “auto pilot” is the absolute worst thing you can do.

Auto pilot PPC campaigns are extremely dangerous for 2 reasons:

  1. Too few key words: any campaign with less than 100 keywords barely scratches the surface of the campaign’s true potential.
  2. The wrong keywords: if you take nothing else away from this page, understand this: 95% of campaigns Net Gravity reviews are burning through money on keywords that simply should NOT be paid for!

This is why it’s absolutely critical that someone with experience manages your campaign. Your campaign manager MUST have the experience, the tools and resources to monitor the entire campaign, right down to the keyword level, on a daily basis. The reality is most businesses simply do not have the time or the experience to do this. Instead of trying to manage PPC on your own and hoping you aren’t wasting precious resources, bring on a partner with the experience to do it right and to keep you informed each step of the way.

Why is Net Gravity that partner?

Net Gravity entrenches themselves in your business. We get to know your business, feel the buzz of it, and then use that knowledge as we focus 110% of our effort towards the success of your PPC campaign. We are your partner, and at the end of the day, sharing in these partnership successes gives us the greatest satisfaction.

Your business will benefit from a detailed daily and systematic approach to every campaign we manage. This is a quick summary of what we do:

  1. Conduct a full daily analysis of the entire campaign, at the keyword level, and use this analysis to make the daily decisions that consistently push the campaign in the right direction.
  2. Report back on these findings on a daily/weekly or monthly basis. (Entirely at the preference of each customer)
  3. Make ourselves available to discuss any of the reports to make sure that every Net Gravity client understands EXACTLY what they are looking at and why it’s important.

That’s it.

Sign up for your 24-point PPC Campaign Audit and let us prove our value.

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Why Give Us Your Email?