Being mentored by someone outside the financial services sector “can help you become more versatile and pull ideas from other industries that might work in your own.”, There isn’t a standard road map for reaching the C-suite. var clientId; Ann S. Moore is a former gallery owner in New York who is most famous as the first female chairman and CEO of magazine company Time Inc., which owned magazines such as Time, People, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated until it was acquired by Meredith Corporation in February of 2018. }, 300); var inputs = jQuery("#formBody select, #formBody input, #formBody textarea"); } else if (jQuery('#newsCandidate').is(':checked')) { dataLayer.push({ If you’re in the insurance field, for instance, you'd want to look for positions that develop your understanding of the underwriting process which is central to the business. Start by mastering these five skills that you will need to make it to the C-Suite: Strong leadership – In higher level roles, it’s important to be able to lead others effectively. success: function () { The C-Suite will see this as a waste of their time. The most common way for women to do that was by developing expertise in the STEM fields. Write down a story about … Taking the lead on succession planning. // Salary Guide form "thank you" pages jQuery.ajax({ Oliver Wyman. Working up to a C-suite, or leadership-level, position is the ultimate career goal . The C Suite Editors var OnetrustActiveGroups = ''; Making compensation performance-based and transparent. Look out for opportunities, respond positively to changes, establish a mentor that could help you work your way up the ladder, advance your skills in your own time and always aim to make a great first impression. return ""; url = window.location.href; Discover the benefits and misconceptions about this career option. window.location.href = confirmUrlCA; Accessed Dec. 6, 2020. “That’s the only proof of leadership that we find valid,” says Mario Alosco, a partner with executive recruiting firm Radius Partners. var confirmUrlCA = jQuery('input[name="confirmUrlCA"]').val(); Working towards the C-Suite can sometimes be a chicken and egg scenario. } “This will help them position well for the future leadership role they intend to earn.”. 'event': jQuery('#eventTracker').val(), Executives and other leaders – collectively known as upper management – hold the primary decision-making power in a company. However, having leadership skills is not just about giving orders or having power and control. UNIFIED TALENT MANAGEMENT HEALTHCARE ” The C-suite is not looking to be sold on why your product or service is the best/cheapest/fastest, etc… If you begin your conversation with them by talking about your how awesome your company and product is, the chances that you will be referred to one of their staff, or ignored altogether, is extremely high. With transparency in succe… type: 'post', Is Your Career Path Leading You To The C-Suite? Who wouldn’t lavish the idea of having a comfortable office, travel opportunities and an appealing compensation package? Position Yourself for Good Timing: If you are hoping to stay at your current organization, it is vital to critically assess the likelihood of a C-Suite opening becoming available. var regex = new RegExp(regexS, 'i'); return } There are certainly perks for being in a C-suite position, whether your vision is to become a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Chief Information Officer (CIO). // dataLayer push to trigger the GA event } In the financial services sector, men still rule the day when it comes to filling executive leadership positions. //-->. Be Emotionally Intelligent. confirmContactType = jQuery('#contactType').val().toLowerCase(); Published. return unescape(results[1]); The people in your network should hold titles you want to hold some day. } console.log(clientId); “It’s extremely important for women to take on roles allowing them to produce measurable metrics as it allows them to use the real cost savings or generated revenue to their advantage, ensuring that they’re on an equal playing field with their male contemporaries,” says Diane McLoughlin, head of Eagle, Americas and chief client officer, Eagle Investment Systems. 'page_type': jQuery('#pageType').val(), Find out more. } Technology departments had become too rigid and parochial to respond quickly to new business challenges and opportunities. Read more. jQuery('html, body').animate({ However, with that level of success, comes a great deal of responsibility. In the Korn Ferry study, the women CEOs profiled took different routes to the top of the corporate ladder but frequently shared a common thread in their early roles. Keep a journal to develop more skill in expressing yourself and to focus on accurately describing what you feel. window.location.href = confirmUrlCL; Korn Ferry Institute. “By developing expertise in their business, they’ll ultimately be leading from a position of strength.”. else { // scroll to the Submit message // Grab Google Client ID from console and populate input 'nonInteraction': jQuery('#nonInteraction').val(), Succession planning is the strategy for passing on leadership roles, and often the ownership of a company, to an employee or group of employees. jQuery('button[name="submit"]').after(jQuery('Loading...')); We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. But the important thing is to stay determined and start making positive steps now. 'event_action': jQuery('#eventAction').val(), if (validInput !== inputs.length) { If you ever doubt whether it really is possible to make it all the way to the top, just look at Ruth Porat’s career journey for inspiration. scrollTop: jQuery("#submitMessage").offset().top - (jQuery("#submitMessage").outerHeight() / 2) Become a Certified Executive or Personal Assistant in 10-40 days, and work from home with any company worldwide. lobName = jQuery('#candidateInfoLOB').val(); validInput++; Honing technical expertise is a pathway for delivering material results, according to Korn Ferry’s research. With an increase in globalisation, you will also need to understand the challenges associated with international negotiations. [CDATA[// >