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10 years ago we started our journey by launching an e-commerce business with very little capital and even less experience.  It was through this “in the trenches” experience that all the mistakes and successes were made, and also when internet marketing became our true passion.  There is nothing quite like it!

No other marketing option allows you to literally put yourself in front of millions of customers for the price of a Tim Horton’s coffee.  But it goes much further than pricing.  A famous marketer once said “Half of my marketing budget is wasted.  The problem is I don’t know which half.”  Need to know exactly how many leads you received for the $10.43 cents you spent on the search term “skateboard paint”?  Not a problem.  How about watching in real time as an email blast goes out to your customers and your website visitor count rises in front of your eyes within seconds.  Your business can achieve this untouchable level of marketing power and Net Gravity can make that happen.

As our e-commerce business continued to grow we were continuously asked by fellow business owners, colleagues, friends and everyone in between the same question:  “How do you get so many customers to your website?”

Net Gravity is the answer to this question!

The most in-depth look at your campaign you will ever get!
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Why Give Us Your Email?